CFTC Releases January 2011 FCM Data

The Commodities Futures Trading Commission – CFTC to the well-initiated – today released Financial Data for FCMs for January, 2011. You can click the link above to get the CFTC data.

I download this report every month when CFTC issues it. I sort the spreadsheet version released by CFTC, choosing to sort by Customer Segregated Funds. This is a uniquely U.S.-centric metric, to be sure, but it is a clear measurement of FCM size.

You can download my sorted version here: fcmdata2011-01 Sorted By Seg

UPDATE: For non-U.S. readers: here is the same data sorted by ‘Secured’ funds, aka 30.7 funds: fcmdata2011-01 Sorted By 30.7

HINT: by either measurement, Newedge wins.

One Response to “CFTC Releases January 2011 FCM Data”

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