Why I’m Glad Facebook Exists

Facebook has its detractors, that’s for sure. I’m one of them, quite often. And there is plenty to detest about Facebook, too. The ‘mail’ application is as lame as anything anyone has ever developed. If one were to set out, today, to develop the worst possible Social Medial messaging application, they’d likely come up with something very similar to Facebook’s mail system. And they’d be rightly ridiculed for their effort too, just like Facebook is.

Limits on the number of ‘friends’ – contacts, really – that one can have. Poking. Mafia Wars. Farmville.

Yes, there is indeed plenty to loath about the world’s most popular Social Media site.

But today I write, not to condemn Facebook, but to praise it.

Yesterday was my birthday. I say this not to get more birthday wishes, but to point out something that would never have happened before the advent of Facebook.

I received a lot of very nice birthday wishes and greetings yesterday. Many of them, most even, I would not have received absent Facebook. I heard from friends nearby, some as close as neighbors right here on my street. Other wishes arrived from local friends traveling abroad, from London and Burgenstock, SZ. I heard from old friends with whom I worked years ago, who now live overseas – London again, and even Singapore. I heard from folks as old, even older, than I am. (And that’s saying something!) And I heard from Facebook contacts (children of friends) in High School.

I heard from friends I’ve known nearly all of my 51 years, and I heard from folks I met as recently as last month.

All this made for a much more fun and interesting birthday than I would have had otherwise.

And for that, if for little else, I’m glad Facebook exists.

One Response to “Why I’m Glad Facebook Exists”

  1. Dorothy Friedman (@dorothyfriedman) Says:

    John – I love this post and completely agree with you. Facebook just makes birthdays better (and birthdays are good to begin with!)

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