FCM Data – May 31 Report from CFTC

By now most folks know that Peregrine Financial Group, variously called PFG or PFGBest, has gone belly up amid allegations of the theft of $220 million dollars of customer money. The company’s sole owner was found by employees parked behind the corporate HQ in Cedar Falls, IA with a hose running from his exhaust pipe to the passenger seats of his car. He has survived. There are reports of a suicide note that talks of “financial irregularities.”

Today the CFTC released the monthly FCM Data report of Customer Segregated Funds (and 30.7 Secured Funds). Peregrine is on the list, at #38, having reported $371,453,743 as the firm’s Seg Requirement, and reporting $376,523,865 as Customer Seg on hand. This means the firm reported a $5,070,122 excess in their Seg balances. It is interesting to note the PFG is on this list, when MF Global was removed from the list on the first report after their bankruptcy last October 31.

Of course, now we know that these reports, for Peregrine, were falsified. Reports are that they told regulators that the firm had some $220 million in a Segregated bank account, but regulators (NFA, the National Futures Association) have been told by the back that there was less than $10 million on hand.

According to the NFA’s Member Responsibility Action (MRA) this has been going on for at least two and a half years.

The CFTC releases the report sorted by FCM, alphabetically. I usually sort the data by Seg amounts. Here is a link to the CFTC FCM Data Report, sorted by Customer Segregated Funds Required (column J).

fcmdata0512-xls Sorted By Seg

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