CFTC FCM Data Report for September Released

Time for another look at the Customer Segregated Funds figures. CFTC compiled the data submitted by FCMs (1-FR reports) and from broker/dealer FOCUS reports. The data from September 30th, compiled by CFTC in the interim and published last week.

CFTC Report Page.

I take the CFTC report and sort it report by column J – customer segregated funds required. The sorted report is behind this link.

The top 5 comprise 53% of all Customer Seg Funds. All are FCM-Broker/Dealers.

JP Morgan Securities
Deutsche Bank Securities
UBS Securities

The top 5 above along with the next five comprise 77.3% of all Customer Seg Funds. Again, all are FCM-B/Ds. The second five are:

Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley
Credit Suisse Securities
Barclays Capital

The first FCM (non-B/D) is R.J. O’Brien, at 11th.

More later….

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