Normandy Beach, NJ, After Hurricane Sandy

What a “sandy” hurricane it was, too.

As many readers know, my wife Carolyn’s family has had a shore house in Normandy Beach for many, many years. Normandy Beach was hit quite hard by hurricane Sandy. IT is on the barrier islands so access was extremely limited following the hurricane, and the ensuing nor’eater that blew through. Finally, yesterday, Carolyn’s sister in Philadelphia was able to visit Normandy Beach. She sent us some pictures.

The Hardy Shore House, as it is known, is in the first three images below. The rest of the pictures are of neighbors’ houses. These are all people that carolyn grew up with, or near. The pictures break one’s heart. Normandy Beach will probably never be the same. But the folks there will rebuild, will recover, will return. In the meantime, we’ll get to work on Carolyn’s family’s house, and we’ll be praying for the rest of the folks who suffered, far worse than we did.

As they say about Normandy Beach, and I know this, because it is on t-shirts and bumper stickers: “Once you get the sand between your toes, you ALWAYS come back to Normandy Beach.”

Again, The Hardy Shore House is in the first three images. Photo credits go to Mary Ann Dwyer of Philadelphia, PA and Avalon, NJ.

Shore House is the small one on the left.

Carolyn’s family’s house is the little one on the left in the next picture. Compared to the rest of Normandy Beach, we’re really very lucky.

Shore House is the small one on the left.

Now, here is what a lot of the rest of the town looks like:

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