November 2014 FCM Financial Data

By now you all know the drill: the CFTC publishes monthly financial data for FCMs, or futures commission merchants. Every once in a while, I download the spreadsheet and sort it by Customer Segregated Funds, which I consider among the most useful measures of the relative health of the U.S. futures market.

Then I post the sorted report here, mainly for my own reference, but for yours, too, if you want. Since the FIA Divisions Meetings are this week in Florida, and since CFTC published the latest report this past week, I figured this was a good time to post a fresh update.

Here is the November, 2014 data.

See anything interesting in the report?


– JPM is tops, as measured by Customer Seg. GS is second. GS was first last month, with JPM second.
= DB is 5th, with $10.5B; the top five all have more than $10B. Morgan Stanley is 6th, at $9.9B.
– 25 FCMs have more than $1B in Customer Seg.
– Only 59 US FCMs reported Customer Seg, and the last, LEK Securities, had less than $1MM.

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