2014 Year-End Customer Seg Figures

I’ve been away for a bit, but I saw when I was out that the CFTC published the FCM Financial Data report for December, 2014, so I figured I’d create a post and compare some of the high-level figures to the 2013 year-end report.

CFTC FCM Data Report Page

And here is the December 2014 report sorted by Customer Seg.


Total Customer Seg reported was $136,456,771,305. That’s down almost $7B from the 2013 year-end figure of $143,741,158,888. In 2012 the total Customer Seg report showed $145,900,203,492.

Only 66 FCMs reported Customer Seg balances in December 2013. 69 FCMs reported Customer Seg in December 2013.

The top-5 in 2014 were:

Goldman Sachs at $20,285,919,590
JP Morgan at $17,447,852,777
Merrill Lynch at $11,208,908,563
Morgan Stanley at $10,031,840,202
Deutsche Bank at $9,773,050,189

Goldman and JPM were the top-2 in 2013, followed by Newedge (now called SG Americas and not reporting any Customer Seg; confusing, that), Deutsche and Morgan Stanley.

I do wonder what happened to SocGen’s report. The December 2014 report list Newedge among the deletions, and lists SG Americas Securities as an addition, but SG Americas reported zero in Customer Seg in the list above, sorted by Customer Seg Required.

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