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A Tip of the Cap to CME Group

April 4, 2012

News broke today that CME Group would begin requiring clearing member firms to report every day their Customer Segregated Funds balances.

Details here, via John Lothian’s Newsletter.

This is great news, and is something that was advocated on this blog back in January.  The CME took it even further with the announcement that FCMs would be required to report twice-monthly on investments of Customer Seg Funds, which is a great idea too.

It isn’t everything I hoped it would be. There is no daily reportable file. Instead, reporting will be 1FR (FCM) and FOCUS (broker/dealer) based, and forms submitted or filled out on Windjammer. And there is no tracking of each customer account’s contribution to an FCMs Customer Seg balance.

But still, this is a great start.

Well done, CME. Well done indeed.